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1.01 Oz / 30ml

Containing 1/300 of Pore Size Deeply Penetrates the Skin to Replenish and Help with Anti-Age

"Brightening & Wrinkle Care" 

Microemulsion Biosensor System

Microemulsion biosensor system* is a Proprietary Technology that minimizes all active ingredients to 1/200 the size of a pore, allowing thermosensitive polymers to gently absorb into the skin and layer with the skin's surface.


AHC’s exclusive Patented Peptide Aquatide helps nurture resilient skin. This ingredient has won the Gold Prize in IN-COSMETICS ASIA 2016, a world-class Ingredient Award was dedicated an SCIE-level research paper and has completed patent registration in the following 4 countries: Korea, US, Europe, Japan.

Clinically Tested

Multiple anti-ageing effects including anti-oxidation, anti-ageing of the dermis, relief of fatigue due to reduced skin elasticity, quadruple pore reduction, and cumulative moisturizing effect are clinically proven through actual changes in the skin.


Microemulsion Biosensor System

Active ingredients are broken down into particles smaller than pores, then capsulated as thermosensitive polymers through three processing steps. The thermosensitive polymer capsules react to a temperature range of 32–37 °C to break down and release active ingredients deep into the skin, providing an enhanced anti-ageing effect.


Aquatide with 18 Peptides

Clinically tested formulation helps improve antioxidation and elasticity of the skin.

5 Plant Stem Cells

Stem cells extracted from plants help regulate oil and moisture balance and nurture lively-looking skin.

Pure Biotics Water

Provides Moisture and Nurtures skin to its fullest health. 



As an Eye Treatment

After the morning and night cleansing, prime skin with toner, then dispense an appropriate amount of Ultimate Real Eye Cream for Face and lightly spread and dab around the eye area until absorbed

As a Facial Treatment

After the morning and night cleansing, as the last step of a skincare routine, dispense an appropriate amount of Ultimate Real Eye Cream for Face, evenly apply over entire face and lightly dab until absorbed.

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